My RSS Reader

My RSS Reader is a component allowing to show in a Joomla page the feeds generated by the RSS sites you select. The number of RSS item you can add is teorically infinite. Categories is also supported for split up the RSS source based to different argument. The component check for new feeds at specific intervals of time configured by the administrator.


The component can use two way for periodically check for new feeds. The best one, if you have the possibility, is to set a cronjob task for call a special URL, generated by the component itself, at specific intervals. Using this way you'll have always your feeds up to date automatically. Unfortunately not all hosting services make available cronjob since this feature could be very CPU consuming for the server. The second solution is to configure the component for generate a temporary special page checking for new feeds. When the guest user visit the feeds page the component verify if a new check must be executed and show a list of the RSS sites to check and an animated progress status of the operation. This dynamic checking use AJAX engine to perform the checks without slow down the page loading. Basically there are two strategies for update feeds. The first simply check all the RSS sites after configured time elapsed. This method have the advantage to have your feeds list always updated with all new feeds but if you have a large number of RSS sites to check the checking operation could take some time and not all the users can have the patience to wait for. The second method allow to "distribute" the sites to check after specific number of minuts late. For example if you have a list of 15 RSS sites to check you can set the component to check 5 sites every 10 minuts. This mean after update time elapsed the component will check the first 5 sites, after 10 minutes will check other 5 sites and so on until all the RSS sites has been checked. This technique allow to have short update time but for have all RSS feeds updated need very frequently visits to the component page. Right now I thought to these two solution, if you have a better idea I'm always open to accept new suggestion for improve the component.

First important note: the component can extract the feeds info make available from the RSS source.Usually an administrator of a web site exporting RSS feeds can set the site for export the title of the post with the complete body, the title with only a part of the body or the title only. The feeds data exported by the web site based to the decision of the administrator, as explained before, will be the only data showed. There is no possibility for the component to extract more.

Second important note: If Joomla System Cache Plugin is enabled the component will not work well. The plugin cache the RSS check page that will be continuously showed until cache expire. If you experiment such problem check your cache plugin and, in case, disable it.

Backend component sections


This section allow to manage the RSS sources used by the component. Here you can insert new source, modify existing one or remove it. Publish and unpublish features are also supported. Add a new RSS source will require the following steps:

  1. Click over the "New" image link
  2. In the new panel type the web site address of the site exporting the RSS surce you are interested in
  3. Click over the "Find RSS information" button. The component will check the web site just typed and try to extract automatically the information regarding the direct URL for get the feeds and the source name
    NOTE: Some hosting space have restricted rules doesn't allowing local web site to access to external sites. In this case you'll receive an error sicne the component code can not have access to the external web site you want. In this case the only way to have the component working well is to contact your hosting administrator and ask him if is possible to remove the restrictions
  4. If the automatic check operation will be successfull executed the direct URLfor feeds file and the source name will be put in the corresponding fields. In case the component will not be able to extract the required info you'll have to insert manually them
  5. If you created tham and need it assing this new RSS source to one or more categories
  6. Publish if you want to see immediately the source checked
  7. Click to "Save" image link

This section allow to manage categories. Categories are used if you want to "distribute" your RSS sources between different pages. When you will create a new menu item connected to the component you can also choose the category to assign to this item. This way you'll have showed only the RSS sources included in this category.


Some users request the possibility to put some html code for show advestisement "inside" the feeds page. Here you can manage your personal advertisements list and assign them to the category you want.


This page will show some information regarding the new feeds checked for every source, errors occurred during check operation, last check date and so on.


Feeds Panel

Max feeds per RSSSince a lot of feeds per RSS stored in the database can need a very large quantity of space you need to set a max number of feeds to keep. Every check the new feeds will be added and the old feeds exceeding thsi number will be removed.
Max retries in case of feeds load errorIf some web site exporting the RSS source will stop to work the checking operation will fail. For avoid continuous error in checking here you can set the maximun checking error allowed. After reached this limit the RSS source will be automatically unpublished.

RSS Check Panel

Automatic RSS Check
  • Disabled : no check is executed when the guest visit the page
  • Periodic Check : Check for new feeds is executed after regular intervals of time
  • Each New Visit Check : every time a new guest visit the feeds page the checking is executed
Check for new feeds
  • Check all : Check all the RSS sources every time
  • Distributed check : for each execution check only the maxumun number of RSS sources specified
Check for new feeds eachTime interval, in hours, for every new check.
Delay between distributed checksIf Distributed check selected the RSS sources will be checked suign this delay between each check until all sources checked.
Max RSS to check each time in distributed modeIf Distributed check selected this is the maxumun number of RSS sources to check every execution.
During RSS check operation show
  • The list of RSS sources currently checking : show the list of RSS sources name with the animation indicating the operation currently executing
  • A single progress bar : a single progress bar will show the status of the checking operation
Direct RSS check linkIf you have the possibility to set a cronjob task enable this feature for have the link to periodically execute the check operation.
Security CodeSince the URL generated is a public link a security code to be added at the end of the link must be used. You can accept the code proposed randomly by the component or use your own code. Remember before use this URL save the component settings for enable this feature working.
RSS check time limitSome cronjob service have a time limit in execution and script that exceed this limit can be turn in an error condition. This field allow to force a maximun time limit for the check operation execution. If the check time will exceed this value the operation will be stopped and the remaining RSS source will be checked on the next step.

Advertisement Panel

Show AdvertisementsEnable or disable the advertisements inside the feeds page.
Advertisements positionAllot to set the position of the advertisements.

Layout Panel

Feeds show style
  • Blog style : default mode, show feeds ordered by date like a blog
  • Expand/collapse style : the content of the feeds is not showed by only the feeds title. Click over that is possible to show the content
Max feeds per pageMaximun number of feeds showed in each page.
Order feeds bySet the order rule of the feeds. You can choose to show feeds ordered by their original post date or by the date of the feeds has been retrevied.
Show feeds starting fromSet if the feeds must be ordered starting from the newer or starting from the older.
Feed title font sizeSize, in pixel, of the feed title showed.
Show RSS feed sourceSet if you want to have showed the link to the RSS source web site of the feed.
Show RSS feed dateSet if you want to have showed the original feed date.
Show RSS feed bodySet if you want to have showed the feed content.
Show pages link onLarge number of feeds are distributed throught more pages. These pages have a numeric link. Choose here where you want to show these links.
Show feed title as link to original postIf enabled the title of the feed will became a link to the orignal post in the RSS source web site.
Show only max number of body charactersIf some feed content is too big you can set a maximun number of the content characters to show. The text will be cutted. Leave blank for no limit.

Translation Panel

If you want to have the component messages showed in your language write the corresponding translation of the phrases written on the left.