Sliding Image Links

This module allow to insert the Kwicks script. This script use JQuery for show images that slide when the cursor is over there. The image is also a link and is possible to add a small text box also.

You can see a demo of the script below:

  • sliding panel 1
  • sliding panel 2
  • sliding panel 3
  • sliding panel 4
  • sliding panel 5

Please note: if you want to show the module inside an article simply follow this procedure.

Module Parameters

WidthWidth size of the module (in pixel)
HeightHeight size of the module (in pixel)
Max open sizeSize in pixel of the opened panel
SpacingSpace size in pixel between each panel slide
Open/Close SpeedSpeed of the sliding movement (in milliseconds)
OrientationVertical or orizontal orientation of the control
Image pathPath of image to show as slide (Please, note that the image path is relative. This mean you must to insert the image path starting from the root of your web site)
URLURL assigned to the slider
TextText to show over the slide