Donations are required to use the FalsinSoft products?

Absolutely no! All of the FalsinSoft products are completely free to use! Donations are completely voluntary. You don't need to pay anything to use my products.

So why should I donate?

Develop software costs the author both time and effort. I need to:

- Writing the software
- Writing the documentation (OK, OK, I know the documentation is quite poor. But writing documentation is boring!!! ^_^ )
- Answering questions
- Maintaining the web site

I admit that I like to write code and even if I do not receive donation I will continue to develop in the future. However donations are a great way to show your appreciation for my work. Besides being an incredible boost to my morale is also a great incentive to fix any bug you find in my softwares and to add new features.

How much should I donate?

How much you donate is entirely up to you. It depends on:

- How much you think the software are worth.
- How generous you are feeling.
- how much money you have available ;-) and so on...

So whatever it is worth to you is, well..., what it is worth to you.

How to Donate?

The easiest way to donate is to through PayPal—it's fast, free and secure. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and electronic checks. Click the button below and choose how much to donate.

Thank you for your support! ^_^